The message of president...


ÖNER DOĞALTAŞ A.Ş, which started its natural stone sector in 2003, puts its signature under many important projects at home and abroad by prioritizing quality and discipline.

Our company, which is a pioneer in the basalt sector, continues its activities with its own quarry in Molu village (Kayseri/Turkey) and factory in İncesu/Kayseri disctrict. Our company produces many different dimensions and surface treatments, especially platesi wtih high quality thanks to the investments it has made in the machine park.

Our exports to many countries, especially to the Middle East and Europe, continue to increase day by day. Thanks to the devoted work of hour management and employees, our company continues to serve at World standars.

Öner Doğaltaş A.Ş / Vıtareale, which wanto move its goals further by combining its experiences with innovation, takes firm steps towards its targets by successfully applying the concepts of occupational health, safety, respect for nature and sustainability.

Our employees, who  produce 20.000 m2 per month in an area of 11.000 m2, are our greatest source of pride.

Within our company ;

- 2 Pieces Multiblade ( 30 Blades) Cutting Machines

- 1 Piece Block Cutting Machine ( ST), 1 Piece Gang Saw,

- 1 Piece Bridge Cutting,

- 1 Piece Beveled Edge Polish,

- 1 Piece Multiple Sizing,

- 2 Pieces Delicate Sizing,

- 1 Piece Water Guttering and Curbstone,

- 1 Piece Polishing Line ( For Tiles),

- 1 Piece 12 Heads Polishing Machine,

- 1 Piece Bush Hammering,

- 1 Piece Sandblasted machines are available.